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Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble
Listen Agamafa na Hèdé

Genre: African Jazz    Region: World

L'Or Riant

Genre: Crossing Borders    Region: Indian Ocean

Listen Tudora

Genre: World    Region: Eastern Europe

New Nobility
Listen Galactic Love

Genre: Rock    Region: Pacific

Listen Chirosakha he- Tagore Song

Genre: World    Region: World

Tikki Masala
Listen Deep inside Infinity

Genre: World    Region: World

Old Horned Sheep
Listen Sandy River Belle

Genre: Celtic    Region: Europe

Myrica Faya
Listen Os Bravos

Genre: World    Region: Europe

Myrica Faya
Listen Caracol

Genre: World    Region: Europe

Listen L´etait une petite poule grise

Genre: European    Region: Europe

Listen shahzadey di ayashi

Genre: North African    Region: South Africa

Listen Berjalan di Atas Tanya

Genre: Indonesia    Region: Asia

Grace Barbe
Listen Welele!

Genre: African Pop    Region: Indian Ocean

Giuliano Gabriele
Listen Tambureddu

Genre: Italy    Region: Europe

tariq and the connection
Listen casablanca blue

Genre: World    Region: British Isles

Listen Bara

Genre: African    Region: Europe

Anis Benhallak
Listen S'ayda

Genre: African Jazz    Region: North Africa

Maria Cangiano
Listen My voice

Genre: Latin American    Region: Latin America
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Battle Of The Bands - How To Win
Undiscovered World

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