The Rough Guide To Undiscovered World is a compilation album featuring winning tracks which were entered in World Music Network's Battle of the Bands competition.

World Music Network's Battle of the Bands have had some fantastic entrants and the winner could be you! Enter your track to our Battle of the Bands Competition and win the chance to feature on exclusive World Music Network projects. Apply now for the chance to win! So make sure to enter your best tracks, drum up support on social media and get ready to battle it out against the best world music artists out there right now. 

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Highlights featured on The Rough Guide To Undiscovered World include Chłopcy Kontra Basia, a Polish folk-jazz band. ‘Hondo’ by Monoswezi seamlessly marries Scandinavian jazz and minimalism with traditional music from Zimbabwe and Mozambique. ‘Sithi Shwele’ is by the ninety-strong Choir Invisible, personal choir of Desmond Tutu in the United  Kingdom. The mighty Krar Collective have released their debut album on World Music Network’s Riverboat Records label and perform ‘Guragigna’. Amadou Diagne is also heard on the gentle guitar led track, ‘Senegal’. ‘Thirty Years’ by Shanren fuses indigenous music from Yunnan, south-western China with indie rock, reggae and ska. The album is full of other diverse delights.

Past winners also include Amadou Diagne, an artist who has now beensigned to World Music Network's 'Introducing' label! So there is an incentive to entering the competition - our next signing could be you! Along with coverage on World Music Network & Songlines, winners will be considered for other WMN projects and a link to their winning track also gets sent to all the tens of thousands of people on the WMN's mailing lists.Have a listen to past winning tracks and other competition entries, and find your source of inspiration to create music to share with the world! 

The Rough Guide To Undiscovered World

The Rough Guide to Undiscovered World is a single-disc budget price sampler, and is the perfect introduction or refresher to the informative World Music Network/Rough Guide brand. This excellently eccentric Rough Guide is a whistle-stop tour of wild world music. The majority of music here is previously un-released, so you won’t hear this anywhere else, and it’s not worth missing. Enjoy everything from a trio of Romanian harmonica enthusiasts to a Zimbabwean-Brazilian jazz project, and more. 


It’s not just us that think The Rough Guide to Undiscovered World is a great album...

'World Music Network’s innovative Battle of the Bands competition ... has thrown up some remarkable artists'
Evening Standard

“A high-quality collection of labyrinthine fusions from tantalisingly unfamiliar artists”
BBC Music Website  

Let’s take a closer look at some of the artists that won a spot on The Rough Guide to Undiscovered World:

Amadou Diagne 

Amadou is a professional drummer and singer from Dakar Senegal. He performed for many years as a member of the Senegal National Band playing sabar, djembe, conga, and kit drums. He also plays Guitar and writes and performs his own songs in the Wolof language, for which he takes as a basis the songs of his Griot tradition. Amadou Says "These songs are based in my culture of praise singers, from my memories of listening to my mother Safiatou Mboup who was a beautiful Griot singer and the old generation of Griot musicians, this is the music that crept into my soul as a small boy and has stayed with me." The song 'Yaro'  which is featured on his album Introducing Amadou Diagne is a plea for people to ensure that all children have access to being educated to help them in later life. 

The video below is his song titled 'Senegal' which was a winning track of Batlle of the Bands. 


Another winning group of the Battle of the Bands is Oratnitza. They formed while busking near the Bulgarian Sea in 2009 and combine traditional Bulgarian folk elements with hip hop, dubstep, irregular rhythms and Australian aborginal music. This band stood out because of their unusual fusion of Bulgarian folklore and vibrant rhythms. Their music seeks to communicate the importance of Bulgarian folklore to younger generations so that they will learn and expand their knowledge of their rich cultural roots. 


Suaramantra submitted a fantastic song 'Putri Mandalika' which won them the competition. The song is about a Princess/ Queen Mandalinka stories from the Indonesian archipelago Lombok. They are an indonesian band that integrates Balinese music with post-rock. 

Mantra has been wheelchair bound due to polio but maintains his motivation to pursue his talent in both fine arts and music. Music lies on textures, colours of the notes and compositions. He says that this is best perceived by the audience when listening to Suaramantra with closed eyes aiming to introduce new ethnic elements of Lombok mixed with contemporary features to people all over the world.

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