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Once you have an account, start uploading your best unsigned world music tracks. You can submit music by either uploading an mp3 from your computer, or entering the address of your best track on Soundcloud.

Make Your Entry Stand Out

In order to make your track stand out - enter as many details as you can when submitting the track - a strong image, video and extra information will help attract people to vote for your music.

  • Image - choose a strong image that serves as a great 'cover' for your track. Images will be resized to 540x344px
  • Video - upload a video that is releated to your track by pasting the appropriate YouTube or Vimeo link
  • Text - Tell us about you and your music! Your audience will appreciate a bit of text to help put your music in context or tell a story about the recording
  • Links - Include up to three links, so people can follow you further on the web. You can include links to your Facebook, Twitter or Soundcloud pages...

Promote Your Entry

Once you have entered your track and uploaded extra material to help it stand out... start promoting your track! The aim is to spread the word and get as many people as possible to support your entry. Engage with people through your current fan-base, Facebook, Twitter, social media, at concerts and wherever you can! 

You want as many people as possible to listen to your music and show their support by:

  • Rating - see if you can inspire people to rate your music!
  • 'Like' your track - using the button on your track page - get as many people to 'Like' your entry as possible
  • Tweet - promote the track through Twitter and try and build support
  • Share - your entry through other social media services
  • Comments - people commenting on your music is a positive sign! See if you can get people to offer their support of your track through the comments section

Good luck and keep submitting!

Winners are chosen based on the public support of your campaign and the WMN panel of judges. So if you don't win first time... don't lose heart, keep submitting your music! 

Winning entries will be notified by email and announced on our website. Unfortunately we are unable to individually notify all other entrants of the result

Make Sure To Abide By The Rules.
The Battle Of The Bands community is an enjoyable place for people to share their music and ideas. Any abusive, inflammatory or derogatory posts will not be accepted and will be removed. Please make sure your track is 'world music'. We reserve the right to remove any material that is deemed inappropriate. Any members found to be in breach of these rules will be banned from the site!