And the Winners are... 

Suara Mantra

Suaramantra, an Indonesian band that integrates Balinese music with Post - Rock. Their winning song,'Putri Mandalika' is based on Princess/Queen Mandalinka stories from the Indonesian archipelago Lombok, and will appear on the forthcoming album The Rough Guide To Undiscovered World.

The band consists of six musicians: Mantra (Guitar, Synth, Vocals), Omink (Vocals), Suradipa (Bass),  Adimusti (Percussion), Putu Sanjiwani (Percussion), Ferdi (Synth)

Listen to the winning song, 'Putri Mandalika'


Suaramantra (Voice of Mantra) is lead by Mantra who is also a visual artist. At an early age, Mantra was struck by polio which resulted in him being wheelchair bound. This event has however motivated him to persue his talent Suara Mantrain both fine art and music. With visual arts playing a big role in his life, the emphasis in his music lies on the textures and colours of the notes and compositions too. As he says himself, this is best perceived by the audience when listening to Suaramantra with closed eyes.Mantra aims to introduce the relatively unknown ethnic elements of Lombok, mixed with contemporary accents, to music lovers all over the world.

The song 'Putri Mandalika' narrates the story of Princess/Queen Mandalinka who, after the pressure of having to choose a husband, jumps into the sea. She is reincarneted into a colourful sea worm, Nyale, an animal which is fished each year for three days and three nights, during Ramadam. The annual event can be een in the video below. If you fast forward to just after 2 minutes, you can see the colourful worms squiggling away. Hello princess Mandalinka!

The winners have been announced, but the battle still goes on and the competition has reopened - apply here for the next round!