And the winner is...

Babar Luck! This Pakistan-born artist impressed World Music Network with his song 'When Two Worlds Collide' as the song moves beyond borders both lyrically and stylistically. The competition was fierce and making a decision was not easy, but with nearly 2000 voters who supported him, we are proud to announce Babar Luck as the winner of the Autumn 2013 Battle of the Bands. He will feature on a forthcoming project with World Music Network and will receive press coverage in Songlines.

Based in London, Babar Luck has performed in many corners on the world, from Siberia to Italy, aiming to take his audience on a journey of visions for peace and unity. Music is a medium straight from his heart which allows him to celebrate humanity in all its forms. With his catchphrase "Music for all peoples? Yes, indeed" Babar Luck wishes to bring his music to all the ears of the world in a positive and loving way.

Influences include Salif Keita, Ali Farka Touré, BB King, Mohammed Rafi and Skinnyman. Although a notable soloist, you can also catch Babar Luck as the frontman in the Babar Luck World Citizen Folk Band.

Watch this space for Babar Luck featuring on a World Music Network release soon!