And the winner is...

Naba TT! After graduating in 2009, Naba TT started her music career as backing vocalist of the international star Rokia Traoré - who is also her older sister. In the six years that Naba TT toured with her, she collaborated in different artistic projects, ranging from music to dance and theatre. However, in the last two years, Naba TT has shifted her focus on her solo carreer, of which her debut album Dounia is the result. The track with which she has won the World Music Network Battle Of The Bands competition, 'Talibé', is one of the songs on her recent album. It concerns topics on social issues in Mali, love, life and children on the streets such as the Talibé. These children have been sent away from home in order to study the Islam with a Marabout. However, many of these children end up spending most of their days begging in the streets for food and money, or -if the marabout lives in the countryside-  working on the farm of their spiritual leader. 

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As Naba Traore does not come from a griot family, persuing a musical career in Mali remains challenging. Rokia Traore may have taught her the tricks of the trade, Naba's debut album Dounia is a statement that she is different to her sister and aims to go her own way.

A short-list of this season's competition was determined from the top numbers of community feedback, ratings, and comments a track received. Panelists from World Music Network, Songlines Magazine, BBC and independent radio then voted to determine the overall winner. Congratulations to all the entrants, Naba TT and the runner-ups Helsinki Cotonou Ensemble & Griselda Sanderson in particular! Naba TT will feature on a forthcoming project with World Music Network and will receive press coverage in Songlines Magazine, so watch this space!