And the winner is...

Mostly Kosher! The group is a Jewish revival band and theater ensemble is based in Southern California, but has the feel of Lower Eastside New York with a 1930s radio show format. Mostly Kosher's music ranges from upbeat klezmer to plaintive Yiddish melodies with a modern twist now and then! Directed by the multi-talented clarinetist, pianist and singer, Leeav Sofer, Mostly Kosher is already making a name in the Jewish music world. Leeav is joined by Janice “Rachele the Matchmaker” Mautner Markham on violin and shtick, as well as Casey Solow, Mike King, Will Brahm, Adam Levy, Eric Hagstrom, Michael Bolger and guest soloist Cantor Faith Steinsnyder.

Band leader Leeav Sofer has expanded his musical and artistic life with Mostly Kosher from clarinetist, vocalist, pianist and actor, to that of composer and arranger. “Besides the traditional melodies we perform, we also play various styles and genres from all around the world. It’s very exciting to take the Klezmer and Yiddish Theater tunes and give them a unique feel from Latin Jazz to Afro-Cuban and even add a Hip-Hop rhythm. We often include South American Ladino music in our program, as well as Yiddish tangos with a French flare. The music of our Jewish roots thrived during such a critical time in Europe and America, and I want to help it continue into the future and bring this music to the next generation.”

'Ikh Hob Dikh Tsufil Lib' is a passionate Yiddish classic originated from Alexander Olshanetsky’s musical comedy Der Katerinshtshik (The Organ-grinder). The show, with lyrics by Chaim Tauber, (1901–72) and a book by Louis Freiman (1891–1967), opened at David Kessler’s famous Second Avenue Theater in the 1933–34 season, which proved to be a particularly difficult one economically. Originally performed as a tango, artists such as Jan Peerce, Ella Fitzgerald, Dean Martin and even Santana have brought recognition to this song, recording the memorable tune in diverse styles.

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A short-list of this season's competition was determined from the top numbers of community feedback, ratings, and comments a track received. Panelists from World Music Network, Songlines Magazine, BBC and independent radio then voted to determine the overall winner. It wasn't easy however! Strong social networking campaigns and lots of public voting and comments decided a very strong shortlist in the current competition. Congratulations to all the entrants, Mostly Kosher and the runner-ups Trzy Dni Pozniej and Gabacho Maroconnection in particular! Mostly Kosher will feature on a forthcoming project with World Music Network and will receive press coverage in Songlines Magazine, so watch this space!