And the winner is...

Don Kipper! This innovative Mediterranean influenced seven piece ensemble has won the World Music Network’s Battle of the Bands Competition. Their traditional Eastern European influences collide in a unique blend of musical styles ranging from Turkish Fasıl and Greek Rebetiko to Gypsy Jazz and Klezmer. Having won the Moshe Beregovski Award for Newcomers, there is no stopping this band. 

The winning track ‘Gunesim’ is a Turkish song performed by a trio consisting of vocals, guitar and violin (Dunja Botic, Tim Karp and Andrew Gorman respectively). The combination of plucked strings and vocals paints an acoustic landscape with serene folk melodies and tradition harmonies. Botic’s voice and bowed violin sound almost angelic as they navigate the melody together. In addition, improvisations and melodic themes performed by Karp and Gorman, both show off their dynamic influences and diversity of traditional Mediterranean musical forms.

Coming in a very close second position is Dagadana, a band merging a fusion of jazz, electronica, and Polish/Ukrainian folk music. 


Listen to the winning song 'Gunesim'



A short-list of this season's competition was determined from the top numbers of community feedback, ratings, and comments a track received. Panelists from World Music Network, Songlines Magazine, BBC and independent radio then voted to determine the overall winner. Don Kipper will feature in a forthcoming project with World Music Network and will receive press coverage in Songlines.

Watch this space for Don Kipper’s feature on a World Music Network release, and enjoy a clip and their new album below.