photograph courtesy of Sofa Portraits

And the winner is...

Haymanot Tesfa!  Ethiopian artist Haymanot Tesfa’s amazing singing immerses you in a rich world of song where pure passion meets tranquility.  Singing in the Amharic language and at times accompanied by the oud and kawala flute amongst a plethora of other instruments through her catalogue of tracks, Haymanot creates a journey of beautifully layered soundscapes.

Based in the United Kingdom, Haymanot is a multi-talented artist who is equally prolific as a fine painter and photographer

‘Tezeta’ features the virtuosity of Mina Salama (ney & kawalaoud) and Arian Sadr (tonbakcajondaf frame drum) and is a melting pot of instruments and cultures instantly throwing you into an ensemble of epic East African & Middle Eastern sounds, an excellent accompaniment to the driving and passionate vocals of Haymanot Tesfa. 


Listen to the winning song, 'Tezeta'  

A short-list of this season's competition was determined from the top numbers of community feedback, ratings, and comments a track received. Panelists from World Music Network, Songlines Magazine, BBC and independent radio then voted to determine the overall winner.

Haymanot Tesfa will feature on a forthcoming project with World Music Network and will receive press coverage in Songlines Magazine.

Enjoy another rendition of an Ethiopian classic below courtesy of Haymanot Tesfa and keep an eye out for her solo debut album later this year!