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antoine philippe - KUMPU MBEUGEL (instrumental)

antoine philippe
ListenKUMPU MBEUGEL (instrumental)

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I record this song a few years ago, in a friend home studio .

ANTOINE PHILIPPE is a singer-songwriter, autodidact. He sings in Wolof, French and sometimes in English. All sorts of subjects are covered in his songs.
it was during a stay in Europe, he has Promise once back in Africa, learn to play at least a traditional musical instrument.
Thus he will begin to teach himself the KORA and JEMBE because GRIOTS were not willing to transmit their knowledge. That is why he has a gambling KORA quite different from what we usually hear. Producing a style he has, which combines African TRADITIONAL music, and sensibilities of the rest of the world.
.......... he created with a friend, one of the first popular music school in Senegal. Its purpose was to introduce as many people for free, especially children, in music.
There will be giving courses theory, solfege, guitar, piano, flute and more.
He will move into the interior of the country to teach some people who have not never their life held a musical instrument.
Armed with her KORA and its GUITAR, ANTOINE PHILIPPE has played in several restaurants bars and hotels in the Senegalese capital, made some concert podiums, as in WORLD FESTIVAL OF NEGRO ARTS Dakar, and at the World Social Forum in 2011, also gives two concerts in Switzerland during a campaign
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