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Region: Africa    Genre: African Jazz
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GARAMUD is a Berber origin term that describes germinating seeds in fertile soil.
Inspired by that concept, musicians from dierent nationalities gathered to share their knowledge and merge traditional Moroccan music, Andean, jazz, and other genres in Quito-Ecuador. This proposal is based on the appraisal of northern Africa traditional Gnawa music, in the encounter with Western instruments such as keyboards, drums, saxophone, and guitar, with singing and the rhythmic base of the santir or guembri, a three-string instrument ancestor of the modern bass, central of this musical style, which has been adapted to be amplied and equalized.
Gnawa is a spiritual music style with roots from healing rituals performed by healer musicians, whose tradition belongs to historically minoritarian sub-Saharan African slaves. Currently the Gnawa draws thousands of people at international festivals of world music and jazz. This proposal merges dierent styles, as Jimi Hendrix, Pat Metheny or Je Ballard did to dive into the mystical rhythms of the Gnawa music.
Garamud understands music in fusion with life, through its symbolic function. This musical proposal looks forward to open eld both in local venues and in world music festivals.
The group is currently in preproducing their first album.
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