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Giuliano Modarelli & Kamaljeet Ahluwalia - Raag Charukeshi, Teental

Giuliano Modarelli & Kamaljeet Ahluwalia
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Englobed is a meeting of music and friends on a global scale. Contemporary interpretations of Indian classical music are interspersed with influences from West African, Arabic, and Western traditions, joining together to create an all encompassing, energetic and soulful sound.

This new album showcases Giuliano Modarelli’s exquisite and poetic guitar playing, through traditional solo guitar works and collaborations with Kamaljeet Ahluwalia on the Santoor, Bhupinder Singh Chaggar on the Tabla, and Sura Susso on the Kora.

The whole album has been recorded using analogue recording techniques – capturing spontaneous, dynamic improvisations which reflect the raw energy of the music. The album connects thoughts of the past and present, through powerful playing and contemporary twists that display the finesse and dexterity of Modarelli and his fellow musicians and create an original sound.

About The Track:
Charukeshi, Teental is a modern interpretation of a traditional Indian classical raga. Whilst the track remains faithful to its ancient roots and form, the relationship between guitar, santoor and tabla creates an exciting new context -displaying modern musical and cultural influences.

This fiery trio possesses a tremendous passion and precision for their craft, generating virtuosic performances and heralding a mature understanding beyond their years. They have explored many different styles of music and have worked with national and international artists, including acclaimed dancer and choreographer Akram Khan, Mercury Music prize winner Talvin Singh, Grammy Award winning Tabla star Bikram Ghosh, Samay, Paban Das Baul, and Bombay Dub Orchestra, amongst others.
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