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Region: East Africa    Genre: African Acoustic
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a new version of an iconic traditional Ethiopian song

Lyrics by Wesenyeleh Mebreku
Recorded Live at Tesla Studios Sheffield UK in Feb 2015
Directed by Konimusic
Produced by Arts on the Run with Platforma Arts & Refugees Network

Haymanot Tesfa (Ethiopia) experimental Amharic singer
Mina Salama (Egypt) ney & kawala end-blown flutes, oud
Arian Sadr (Iran) Persian daf frame drum & tonbak goblet drum, cajon

'Musicians on the Run! Three wonderful rising stars on the UK world music scene!'
(Tony Bowring: Konimusic)

'Haymanot’s voice was extraordinary throughout – sometimes a gentle hum behind Mina’s rhythmic playing on the oud and sometimes soaring centre stage full of raw emotion'
(Charles Ritchie: Curator, Talking Gigs 2015)

'Haymanot Tesfa's range is extraordinary - at times deep and powerful, underpinning the rest of the music, and at times dancing across the top of it..her voice wraps itself around table after table, drawing them into her spell...people close their eyes, the better to listen and pick out the different strands of the music'
(Author & critic Catriona Troth)

Haymanot herself says:
'I remember it was in Manchester, after I played a gig a man said to me..'now I want to go home and sleep while having your voice with me. I don’t want any other distraction'.. I imagine he is carrying my voice somewhere in his brain and looking after it on his journey.

All my songs are in the Amharic language. Most of the time I sing in pentatonic scale. Songs like Tezeta and Ambassel are old and public songs which were played by many people. When I sing these songs I always sing them differently depending on what I get from the musicians I play with and the whole atmosphere.

I like to be free! So the way I sing is always new even if I’m playing on the same scale and using the same words. Sometimes I play something new which I don’t even remember when I leave the stage. I want to give my audiences the new me always. What makes me happy is that I know that I gave them something they can take with them. People tell me that my singing is therapeutic for them and they thank me for singing, but the truth is that I am also happy while I’m singing'....
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