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Julaba Kunda - Pijin Jalen

Julaba Kunda
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Region: Africa    Genre: Scottish
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Julaba Kunda is a collaboration between two outstanding traditional fiddle players with their roots 3,000 miles apart. Gambian griot Juldeh Camara, acknowledged worldwide as one of the finest Fula musicians of his time, and ex-Waulk Elektrik fiddler Griselda Sanderson from Clackmannanshire, Central Scotland, are Julaba Kunda (meaning ‘trading company’ in Fulani).
Music & Lyrics: Juldeh Camara
Arranged by Julaba Kunda
Juldeh Camara: riti, percussion, vocals, kologo
Griselda Sanderson: bones, fiddle

Weddings are a cause for celebration everywhere.
This is dance music, suitable for a Fulani ceremony
or a Scottish céilidh.

"To our surprise, the rhythm of this Fulani music is just like a Scottish or Irish jig - even our fiddle bows go the same direction!"

Joy and laughter my friends! Our daughter is getting married!
She has kept her youth for her husband, so let’s gather round and sing her praises.
Sweet bride, do not cry! Listen to my sweet melodies,
Our lovely and precious daughter.
Today is your day and we are proud of your strength.
As you sit on a mat at your mother’s door dressed in white
Surrounded by your bridesmaids it’s difficult not to shed a tear.
We wish you well and bid you farewell. May you be happy!
May your husband and his people love and honour you!
May your joy and laughter never end!
Peace and joy all the days of your life, our daughter!
That is what we wish for you because you kept your youth for our honour.
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