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Migala - Rotta a Levante Suite

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"Migala" is an Italian band that combines ethnic musics (Afro-Mediterranean, Balkan, Latin, Irish...) with the sounds of the musical tradition of Southern Italy, looking for a personal interpretation of folk music and world music, in a world that is increasingly considered a “Global Village”. The name Migala is closely linked to the name of Pino Zimba: famous singer and “tamburello” player from Salento, who died in 2008. “Zimba” is the pseudonym of Giuseppe Mighali. “Mighali” comes from the word “Migala” that in the language of the Grecia Salentina indicates a type of tarantula. The tarantula is the central symbolic element in the cultural phenomenon of southern Italy known as “tarantism”. The group was founded in the spring of 2008 by Davide Roberto and Emilio Quaglieri, students in Musicology at the University of Tor Vergata in Rome. The group, initially created with the intention to reinterpreting traditional folk music of Southern Italy, shifts his interest in world music and the creative possibilities given by the combination of different ethnic musical styles. In this way we are able to exploit the different artistic backgrounds of the members of the band, mixing different styles, cultures, and musics. Our band also gives a modern interpretation of traditional folk music of Southern Italy like “pizzica”, “taranta”, “tarantella” and “tammurriata”. Our intent is a continuous research and experimentation in melting these different sounds. Migala tries to be a bridge between different musical styles, to express a “Culture of Peace”.

"Migala - World 'n' Folk Music" is our first album that represents a musical journey began in 2008, combining ethnic music with the sound of musical traditions of Southern Italy. Our personal interpretation of folk music and world music.

Ruggiero Inchingolo, ethnomusicologist and multi-instrumentalist (Former member of the band "Officina Zoè", Notte della Taranta with Mauro Pagani, artistic director of the "Festival Suoni dal Mediterraneo", etc ...) has defined our album: "Musical universes that seem to meet between them, but then differ; till to continue - together - the path of musical traditions that never die, and that regenerate." (

"Rotta a Levante Suite"
This piece is a suite that consists of four different parts. The introduction of the Mediterranean, Middle Eastern atmosphere blends with the sounds of sub-Saharan Africa. It is based on an obstinate rhythmic and harmonic music, inspired by the obsessiveness of many ritual dances of the Mediterranean basin and of the Africa. The second and third parts are a reinterpretation of a “Fronna” and “tammurriata”, that are part of traditional folk music in Campania (South Italy). The fourth part is inspired by the musical tradition of Eastern Europe.

Caruta na stella ra cielo
E ‘mienz’ a ò mare s’è spanpanata
e ‘a mmienz c’è asciut na piccerella
cu ‘e ricce a ‘nfronte e ‘nnell’ ‘e mmane

Uh bella figliola ca te chiamme rosa
uè ‘facciate alla fenestre de la via
si m’a dimman ca faje lloc i fore
te dico spacca o’ pietto e piglia o’ core

Uh bella figliola ca te chiamme Rosa
uè che bell o’ nome mammeta t’ha miso
t’ha miso o nome bello relli rose
o meglio sciore ca sta ‘mparaviso

O paraviso è fatto pe le sante
l’inferno è fatto pe chi fa all’ammore
uè l’ammore è comme a na nuciella
si nun la ruòmpe nun la po’ mangiare

A star is fall from heaven
and it breaks in the midst of the sea.
Inside the star, appeared a girl
with curls on the forehead and hands with gold rings.

“Rosa” is the name of a beautiful woman
that looks out the window on the street
and she asks me “what are you doing out here?”
I tell her “open my chest and take my heart!”

“Rosa” is the name of a beautiful woman,
what a beautiful name gave you your mother!
She gaves you the name of a beautiful Rose,
the most beautiful flower that is in Paradise.

Paradise is made for the Saints,
Hell is made for those makes love.
Love is like a nut
if you don’t break it, you’ll not eat!

Davide Roberto - Voice, Percussions

Emilio Quaglieri - Guitar

Pasqualino Ubaldini - Guitar, Bouzoki, Saz Baglama, Fretless Bass

Mario Peperoni - Violin

Emanuele Lituri - Electric Bass

Featuring Paolo Pavan - Keyboard, Synth

Recording, Mixing and Mastering in Rome (2013) by Roberto Pavan e Paolo Pavan
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