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Nantiscia - sta felicità

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Region: Europe    Genre: Italy
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The idea of the group and its musical journey is rooted in the concept of way, meaning journey through the history, cultures, emotions and in many different styles of music, especially folk origin, then flowing, into the wonderful world of World Music . For this reason and to underscore the connection was born the name "Nantiscia", an anagram of the word "Sannitica" an ancient road built long time ago. There are two elements strongly characterizing the formation. The first is the Pedal Steel played by Ferdinando Ghidelli. The Steel is an instrument from the USA country music, but that is well suited to sounds ranging from jazz to blues, from the medieval Irish, from classical to popular. The second is the voice of Annalisa Messina, whose registry contains all the colors of the popular south italian music, The duo, which boasts a rich artistic career, is the heart of the group: Ferdinando wrote the music and arrangements, the lyrics and the melodies proposed by Annalisa. The rhythm section is curated by drummer Peppe Vertaldi, whose resume ranges from pop / rock to folk music. The bass is played by Donato Tartaglione, guitars, both classical and electric, by the young and talented Ubaldo Tartaglione, tammorra tambourine by Pina Valentino. The flugelhorn player Almerigo Pota enriches the band's sound.
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