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Nuno Silva - Amanhecer

Nuno Silva

Region: Middle East    Genre: World
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"Amanhecer" is the opening track taken from Nuno Silva's debut CD "Espiral", due to be released in the spring of 2017.

Taking a deep and serious influence in the modal musical cultures of several middle eastern countries, he merges those with his own musical visions, composes and records energetic music with compelling and full arrangements. Being a multi-instrumentalist, his songs feature an array of several less common instruments, carefully put together, giving life to original and powerful compositions.

Persian Santur, Ud, Lavta, Acoustic Bass - Nuno Silva
Cajon, Djambé, Shackers - Ricardo de Noronha

Composed and arranged by Nuno Silva.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this song and leave your appreciation in the form a rating or comment! Let the Spiral spin! Cheers!

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