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Organic Noises - Hoondz

Organic Noises

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Organic Noises is the Polish-Armenian jazz fusion-ethnic group.

Their music is a creative combination of Armenian and Eastern European traditional themes with jazz, fusion and progressive generes.
The unique sound of Organic Noises is based on a combination of traditional, ethnic armenian instruments (duduk, zurna, pku, ney), acoustic instruments (violin, oboe, flute, piano, guitar) and modern rhytmic and harmonic ensamble (electric violin, synthetizers, bass, drums, electric guitar).

Band permamently cooperate with Armenian duduk and clarinet virtuoso - Harutyun Chkolyan (duduk,zurna, ney, clarinet).
Organic Noises have won the 1st prize at VI School & Jazz Festival 2017 with additional individual award for pianist, Karolina Wiercioch.

The group is formed by young musicians and composers from Poland and Armenia:

Zofia Trystuła-Hovhannisyan- oboe, zurna, duduk, vocal
Joanna Chudyba- violin
Karolina Wiercioch- keys, vocal
Robert Wiercioch- guitar
Jan Koźliński- bass
Janek Rusin- drums

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