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Slap It Out - Devil's Need

Slap It Out
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Region: Asia    Genre: Rock
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SLAPITOUT is an Indonesian post-hardcore/experimental band that formed in 2011 based in Palangkaraya, Central Borneo. The band currently consists of vocalist Faizal Halim Permana, guitarist 1 Auza Habibie Kamil, Guitarist 2 Ahmad Zaidi Noor, bassist Septian Arifin, and drummer Renold Iman
SLAPITOUT released their debut album called "A Thousand Fairytale" on 25th September 2016, with no record label, they do record, mixing, and mastered their album by themselves. the album has 12 tracks in it.
SLAPITOUT are known for their unique blend of post-hardcore, metalcore, experimental, and alternative rock.
Among SLAPITOUT’s earliest influences were bands like Bring me the horizon, architects, asking alexandria, while she sleeps and etc.
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