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s u t a r i [Poland]

Barbara Songin - vocals, drums, basetla, percussion, everyday objects (water jug, kitchen grater)
Katarzyna Kapela - vocals, violin, percussion, everyday objects (kitchen board)
Zofia Barańska - vocals, violin, percussion, everyday objects (kitchen blender)

s u t a r i was created by singers, instrumentalists and performers – each from different musical and theatrical backgrounds – continuing the tradition of singing Polish folk music. The s u t a r i project is a fusion of our diverse music experiences and passions.

s u t a r i is a folk kitchen avant-garde group for three female voices and everyday objects used as instruments. The music we play is generally based on folk songs from Poland or Lithuania as well as on our own compositions. We were inspired by the character and sound of Lithuanian sutartines songs – sung only by women in perfect consonance. s u t a r i means consonance. We decided to search for the harmony and consonance in our vocal tradition, and rather than change the songs, we intended to reach for what they conceal. Whilst maintaining the style, temperament, melody, rhythm and above all, the content of the songs – feminine, intelligent and attractive – we extract contemporary elements, sounds and interpretations from them. We try to consolidate the traditional character of playing music together, viewing it as an important meeting and dialogue between participants. We narrate with music – just like our grandmothers.

s u t a r i won the Second Prize and an audience award "Storm of applause" at XV Polish Radio Folk Festival "New Tradition" in 2012.
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