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Trio Tekke - InDa

Trio Tekke

Region: World    Genre: Rebetika
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InDa is an instrumental piece featured on the second album "Samas"(2011) by Nicosia/London-based group Trio Tekke. The characteristic colour is mainly brought out by the use of a slide in playing the Tzouras, a traditional instrument of the Rebetiko song. Virtuoso violin player Pavlos Michaelides gives a "Smyrna" scent to the piece.

Trio Tekke was formed in London in 2005. What sparked the creation of the group was the mutual love for the old Rempetiko song. During the period 2005 – 2008 they gigged heavily in London and its surrounding towns as well as other European countries like Germany, Spain and Ireland. In 2009 they released their first album ‘ Ta Reggetika’, a collection of imaginative, peculiar and entertaining covers of old Rebetiko songs as well as some original songs in similar style. This record has been a favourite for the Cypriot-music lovers and its sales make it one of the most successful Cypriot productions of recent years.
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