UDJAT - Ninive


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UDJAT are Sofia Sousa Claro (Composer,Vocals), Hugo Claro (Composer,Portuguese Guitar) and guest artist Hugo Tristão (Frame Drums, Percussions)

Their music conveys ancient sounds with a modern approach. The symbiosis between vocals, Portuguese guitar and percussions allows for an intense path, full of rhytm, where contrasts create moments of bliss and meditation, leading us through time in a lament of longing (saudade) and the hope of returning to one’s origins.

Sofia Sousa Claro, from Lisbon, a lyrical and experimental singer, explores melodies where she finds her own language, inspired on the Myths of Creation. Her studies in History of Religions is a strong inspiration in her language as a singer. UDJAT is also a fruit of that bonding with the past, cherishing music as something sacred.

Hugo Claro, from Oeiras. Multi-instrumentalist and composer, with a background in Visual Arts and Poetry, embraced the Portuguese guitar developing a unique approach, also inspired in the classical guitar, Flamenco, Arab and Medieval Music. A set of influences which are a consequence of his route as guitarrist.

Hugo Tristão, from Lisbon, with family ties in Beira Baixa, was, from an early age, in contact with the Adufe, a percussion instrument of Arab origin from the region. He travelled to many countries in the Mediterranean, mainly Spain, Marocco, Tunisia, Turkey and Egypt, where he learnt from musicians and masters the fundamentals techniques of the Doff, Bendir, Tar, Daire, Cajon and Reqq.
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