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Los Variants - Khufu's Last Dance

Los Variants
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Region: North America    Genre: Arabian
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Los Variants is the brain child of Vince Maccarone; this 7 piece super group combines elements of jazz, funk and World music to create a seamless mosaic of international groove. Los Variants’ personnel is made up of some of Canada’s top musicians featuring vocal powerhouse Maryem Tollar, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Waleed Abdulhamid, Ernie Tollar on saxes and ney, Justin Gray on bass, Benjamin Barrile on acoustic guitar, Patrick O’Reilly on electric guitar and Vince Maccarone on drums and percussion. Many other nationally known guest artists appear on the latest CD entitled “La Conectiva” which will be released in full in late 2017.

Vince Maccarone
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