Current Competition (30 tracks)

Listen Geordie

Genre: World    Region: Eastern Europe

Listen India

Genre: Indian Ocean    Region: Asia

Listen Shu Khur

Genre: World    Region: Europe

Nicoletta Filella
Listen Balkaniko - Featuring the Kocani Orkestar and Merlin Sheperd

Genre: World    Region: Europe

Lamine Cissokho
Listen Sama

Genre: African Jazz    Region: Europe

Listen Torn Into Pieces

Genre: World    Region: Africa

Listen Milonga

Genre: European    Region: Europe

Listen Joj, Devlale so me kerdžom

Genre: Gypsy    Region: Eastern Europe

Sudipto Mridha
Listen Jano Nare Mon

Genre: World    Region: World

Big Mimma
Listen Elefante

Genre: World    Region: Western Europe

Bosnian Pot
Listen Putuj vjetre

Genre: World    Region: Europe

Listen Po lesie

Genre: Mountain Music    Region: Europe

Sudeshna Bhattacharya
Listen Meditation

Genre: World    Region: Asia

Myrica Faya
Listen San Macaio

Genre: World    Region: Europe

Listen Unspoken Words

Genre: European    Region: Europe

Toumaranke Percussion
Listen Akhalandé

Genre: African    Region: West Africa

la YnE
Listen Par Avion

Genre: World    Region: Middle East

PPP (Passive Observers of Nature)
Listen Janko

Genre: European    Region: Europe

Previous Competition Winners

Gabriella Ghermandi
Listen Atse Tewodros from Atse Tewodros Project

Genre: World    Region: East Africa

Mostly Kosher
Listen Ikh Hob Dikh Tsufil Lib

Genre: World    Region: USA

Salt Petal
Listen Por la Luna

Genre: Latin American    Region: USA

Naba TT
Listen Talibé

Genre: World    Region: Africa

Listen Rotta a Levante Suite

Genre: World    Region: Europe

Babar Luck
Listen When Two Worlds Collide

Genre: Crossing Borders    Region: United Kingdom

Listen Isfahan

Genre: Arabian    Region: Indian Ocean

Big Mimma
Listen Pani Mottu

Genre: Rock    Region: Europe

Annane Sy Cissé
Listen Bala (feat. Zoumana Tereta)

Genre: African Pop    Region: West Africa

Simo Lagnawi
Listen Baniyorkoy

Genre: North African    Region: North Africa

Listen Chłopacy (Boys)

Genre: European    Region: Eastern Europe

Batch Gueye Band
Listen M'beugel

Genre: World    Region: Africa

Giuliano Modarelli & Kamaljeet Ahluwalia
Listen Raag Charukeshi, Teental

Genre: World    Region: Asia

Listen Mari Mariiko

Genre: Crossing Borders    Region: Eastern Europe

Listen Putri Mandalika

Genre: World    Region: Asia

Chłopcy Kontra Basia
Listen Jerzy

Genre: European    Region: Eastern Europe

Julaba Kunda
Listen Pijin Jalen

Genre: Scottish    Region: Africa

Trio Tekke
Listen InDa

Genre: Rebetika    Region: World

Choir Invisible - the Desmond & Leah Tutu Peace Choir
Listen Sithi Shwele

Genre: Gospel    Region: British Isles

Amadou Diagne
Listen Senegal

Genre: African Acoustic    Region: West Africa
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