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  1. 1. Monsieur Doumani - Sikoses

    Monsieur Doumani, was formed in 2011 in Nicosia by Antonis Antoniou (tzouras), Angelos Ionas (guitar) and Demetris Yiasemides (wind instruments). Although each member comes from a different musical background, all three are influenced by Cypriot folklore on various levels. They focus on rearranging Cypriot traditional songs adding their own particular color to the sound and feeling of the songs. They also compose their own songs in the Cypriot dialect, which are inspired by contemporary Cypriot society, as for example the recent financial crisis that hit the island and the corrupted political system. Sikoses an album that consists mainly of Monsieur Doumani's own compositions, inspired by tradition, but reflects on the Cypriot contemporary society.

  2. 2. Vardan Hovanissian & Emre Gültekin - Adana

    Adana is Vardan Hovanissian & Emre Gültekin’s first duo album. On the occasion of the Armenian genocide centenary in 2015, Vardan and Emre united their talents to commemorate this event, but also to show an example of reconciliation to their two countries.

  3. 3. V/A - The Rough Guide To East Coast Blues

    Undoubtedly the most varied and fun loving form of country blues, the East Coast blues was influenced by the ragtime traditions of the early twentieth century and pioneered by some of the greatest blues guitarists that ever lived.

  4. 4. V/A - A Guide To The Birdsong Of South America

    A Guide to the Birdsong of South America is a crowdfunded, non-profit album of music inspired by birdsong, presented by Rhythm and Roots. The compilation challenged some of South America's most talented young musicians to create a piece of music inspired by the song of an endangered bird from their country.

  5. 5. Monoswezi - Monoswezi Yanga

    Monoswezi weave traditional African songs and instruments with cool Scandinavian jazz. Zimbabwean mbira and vocals are enriched with Mozambican percussion and embellished with Nordic sax and sympathetic rhythm section.

  6. 6. Niyaz - Fourth Light

    The Fourth Light is a tribute to the first female Sufi mystic and poet Rabia Al Basri (Rabia Al Adawiyya) who was born in the 8th century in Iraq. The album features original songs that Niyaz and Azam have composed inspired by her great spirit and universal message of love. In today’s modern world where women are still striving in every aspect of life, to rise above the status of inferiority placed on them by patriarchal societies and laws, Rabia represents a true feminine icon that embodies every aspect of feminine and spiritual liberation. The Fourth Light also features several old folk songs from Iran, Afghanistan and Turkey with new and modern arrangements. 

  7. 7. Tamikrest - Taksera

    Taksera (which in Tamashek means ‘a celebration with music’) is a rough and ready live album that is sure to give jolt to Tuareg-rock group Tamikrest’s already heady reputation. Recorded on a summer festival stage during their 2014 “Chatma” tour, the album vividly showcases the visceral and improvisational power of the band. The hypnotic grooves of the songs are blissfully extended, and the band’s signature drive and electric guitar telepathy are pushed up front and center. 

  8. 8. Titi Robin & Mehdi Nassouli - Taziri

    An explorer of his own universe which couldn't be further from pre-formatted labels and fantasized cultural mixes, Taziri takes Titi Robin along the ridge trail around the Mediterranean with, at his side, Mehdi Nassouli, an enlightened travelling companion who brings with him his knowledge of Moroccan music. Music lovers will recognise in Taziri the legacy of other multi-secular forms of music such as the African source from which blues sprang. But, truth be told, the aesthetic alchemy of this album, which oscillates between dances and a form of gentle nostalgia, goes far beyond that. It is also an initiatory journey and a philosophical manifesto, since through the artistic radicalism of his author, we can hear the eternal beauty of the world

  9. 9. Terakaft - Alone

    Terakaft the pioneers of desert rock are back. With their most rock oriented offering to date and – at the same time – their most personal: Ténéré – Alone. An album that was born out of a need to maintain sanity in times of broken dreams and lies. "I call on every brother who loves his nation“, sings Diara, "to stop saying bad words, that destroy our people“. Alone was born out of a need to maintain sanity in times of broken dreams and lies. It might be their most rock oriented album to date but at the same time it is their most poetic.

  10. 10. Spiro - Welcome Joy And Welcome Sorrow

    Recorded at Real World Studios, Jane Harbour (violin/viola), Jon Hunt (acoustic guitar/cello), Alex Vann (mandolin) and Jason Sparkes (piano accordion/piano) continue to break through the boundaries of their instruments to deliver a collection of fourteen exhilarating instrumental tracks, all imbued with a powerful emotional intensity. Welcome Joy and Welcome Sorrow is an album about being alive and the extremes of human experience. The title is taken from a Keats’ poem of the same name with a line from the poem “Dancing music, music sad, both together, sane and mad” being pretty much a musical mission statement for the band.