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  1. 1. Martin Lubenov's Jazzta Prasta - Impressions

    Martin Lubenov is one of the most unconventional accordionists of our time - a virtuoso, comedian and storyteller all in one. Coming from the Roma music of the southern Balkans and the most sophisticated Ethno-Jazz of Bulgaria, he has created his own musical language, a hybrid with an immense personal tinge, that breaks out of all conventional "Balkan music" clichés

  2. 2. Elida Almeida - Ora Doci Ora Margos

    Elida’s first album, Ora doci Ora margos (Sweet Times Bitter Times), is based entirely on the singer’s early life and the sweet and bitter experiences that shaped her humble existence. Elida Almeida wrote the words and music of most of the songs on this first record and sings with a touching sincerity that will move all those who identify with her story. Even the most detached listener will be enchanted and engaged by her deep, powerful voice, which seems to spring from the innermost sanctum of her heart: animated, still youthful and steeped in the blues of her troubled childhood. As we listen, we can easily imagine the crystal water of a stream gushing over the arid, rocky landscape of the island of Santiago, weaving around the obstacles in its path as if overcoming one challenge after another on its way to the sea – like the “moments of joy and pain” that fill the lives and destinies of the people of Cape Verde.

  3. 3. Blick Bassy - Akö

    Written and sungby Blick Bassy - in Bassa, one of some 260 spoken languages in Cameroon - and accompanied by a unique ensemble of guitar, banjo, cello and trombone - Akö's eleven sparklingly original tracks are a musical revelation. Remarkable then, to consider that these are recordings that were never intended for release. Akö is the most personal album of Bassy's career so far. 

  4. 4. SoapKills - Best Of SoapKills

    This is a re-issue of the catalogue of Soapkills, Yasmine Hamdan’s former band, whose cult status has kept growing in the Arab world ever since the group’s demise in 2005.

  5. 5. Efrén López - El Fill Del Llop

    First solo album by Efrén Lopez, a talented multi-instrumentalist who has notably played alongside Stelios Petrakis and Bijan Chemirani. Catalonia, Spain, Turkey, Greece… Efrén is a great traveller who draws his inspiration from the various Mediterranean traditions. Ud, saz, hurdy-gurdy, guitar, banjo, santur, bouzouki and many other instruments contribute their original tones and poetry to his compositions.

  6. 6. Fatoumata Diawara & Roberto Fonseca - At Home (Live in Marciac)

    It all began with a shared impression. After their first musical partnership, in 2011 in a Paris studio, they knew that 4 minutes and 32 seconds were not enough. They had to pursue the perfect harmony discovered in the space of a single number. The result of Roberto Fonseca and Fatoumata Diawara's recent collaboration is At Home (Live in Marciac).

  7. 7. Totó La Momposina - Tambolero

    You don't normally get the chance to go back in time and recreate an album. Building on a classic project that began 24 years ago is a challenge and a delight.

    In 2009, the Swiss producer Michel Cleis released a house tune called La Mezcla, which featured two samples from Toto La Momposina's album La Candela Viva. The track took off and his label, Cadenza, requested access to the multi-tracks so they could produce extra mixes. It was agreed and John Hollis (producer and now son-in-law of Toto) came to Real World Studios to seek out El Pescador and Curura, which meant locating the original 2 inch tapes from 1991 and 1992.

  8. 8. Les Ambassadeurs - Rebirth

    From the early sixties until the mid-seventies, Les Ambassadeurs were the flagship band of new African music. Their style, mixing ancestral art, salsa, jazz and funk, lit up "world sono". Today, the return of this super-group does not simply take us back to a golden age. It also symbolises values of freedom and authenticity encapsulated in a sound, the unchanging, haunting groove of Mandinka pop music.

  9. 9. V/A- The Rough Guide To Latin Disco

    From its underground roots in the nightclubs of New York, disco music had strong connections with the Latino community. The irresistible influence of salsa and Latin percussion permeates this selection, which features many of the legendary artists of the 1970s disco heyday as well as the new wave of Latin disco inspired bands.

  10. 10. V/A - The Rough Guide To Psychedelic Cumbia

    In the late 1960s cumbia was reborn psychedelic. This surf guitar groove sprang from the coastal cities of Colombia, Peru and Mexico where, under the influence of the western psychedelic culture, conditions were ripe for incredible experimentation.