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  1. 1. The Rheingans Sisters - Already Home

    'The Rheingans Sisters are delicate and skilled musicians who refresh their traditions by embellishing known themes in their own particular style, creating sounds that are recognisably grounded in the earth of folk music and song, yet flying to new destinations.'
    - Nancy Kerr, 2015 BBC Folk Singer of the Year

    'Already Home is unhurried music of heart and ease and lyricism, with gorgeous new songs that sound already timeless, that reek of earthly human connection and longing; a warm hug of an album.'
    - Karine Polwart

  2. 2. Conjunto Sabrosura - Hecho En Puerto Rico

    Conjunto Sabrosura was founded by Mr Ihosvany Negret late 2012. After working as an automotive engineer, university professor, and world class athlete, Ihosvany, who has always been a scholar, dancer, and lover of Salsa, decided to venture as a producer and songwriter into the music field. Using as a starting point his experiences in his native Cuba, Ihosvany focused all his energy in creating a musical concept that is characterized by the fusion of the explosiveness of New York’s Salsa with the cadence of Son Cubano.

    The clear and powerful voice of the cuban singer Mayte Perez and the vast experience of ten incredibly talented musicians, position Conjunto Sabrosura as one of the new revelations of the latin music movement in general.

  3. 3. Ablaye Cissoko & Constantinople - Jardins Migrateurs

    This meeting between Ablaye and Constantinople, between strings and vocals, goes back in time to evoke the beauty of being. It is a joint passage through the common sites of the imagination, like a long breath before the inexorable march of the world and time.

  4. 4. Vieux Farka Touré & Julia Easterlin - Touristes

    When Vieux Farka Touré (Niafunke, Mali) and Julia Easterlin (Augusta, USA) met for the first time for an impromptu studio session as Vieux passed through New York in the summer of 2014, something divine happened, transcending what each was capable of on their own. Thus their collaboration was born and an entire album project entitled TOURISTES conceived; to examine their respective musical roots and passions together and transform what they find into something entirely new and unique. Both inspired performers on their own, together Vieux and Julia prove themselves kindred spirits in moments of pure beauty, joy, melancholy and magic. They create music equal parts modern and ancient, haunting and playful, subtle and visceral. 

  5. 5. Various Artists - Lost In Mali

    The music: deep drums, plucky strings and soulful voices. The food: bubbling rice, millet, sorghum and fonio adorned with rich meat and vegetable sauces. The politics: tense, taut and scarred by a minority group of religious extremists. Timbuktu simmers, Bamako bubbles and this album takes you to Mali’s musical boiling point.

    Head off the beaten track to explore Mali’s inspirational new artists from Bamako to Timbuktu.

  6. 6. Griselda Sanderson - Radial

    This is the follow-up to Griselda's  first nyckelharpa album Harpaphonics. Whereas the first album explored the unique sounds of this fascinating bowed keyed fiddle with mostly original compositions,Radial takes the instrument  back to its roots with  interpretations of traditional Swedish polskas with a smattering of new compositions. Nevertheless, Griselda still pushes the boundaries with some unusual instrumentation including a guest appearance from Moroccan gnawa label mate Simo Lagnawi and African percussion. Other collaborators are Louis Bingham, James Dumbelton & Luke Jones on guitars & Ben Duckworth on hang drum. 

  7. 7. Ghazalaw - Ghazalaw

    Ghazalaw is a musical love-match, the marriage of two great traditions of love poetry and traditional music: the ghazal singing of the Indian subcontinent and the folk song of Wales. The pairing is unique – ghazal singing has never been fused with any alien musical tradition before – and reveals a remarkable and unexpected affinity between those two traditions. The ease with which they blend into something new and coherent is striking, even obvious.

    Tauseef Akhtar served a ten year ‘apprenticeship’ with the greatest ghazal singer of modern times, the ‘King of Ghazal’ Jagjit Singh, responsible for drawing ghazal singing out from its Muslim and Urdu enclave; Tauseef now carries the torch forwards with Ghazalaw.

    Gwyneth Glyn is steeped in the linguistic and poetic richness of her homeland, inspired by the landscape of Wales and centuries of tradition. Yet she stands at the forefront of a new Welsh generation keen to seek out and celebrate all the many affinities that tie two distant parts of the world together.

  8. 8. Kimmo Pohjonen - Sensitive Skin

    Finnish accordion adventurist Kimmo Pohjonen is internationally known for revolutionizing accordion music, sound and performance. His custom-made, electrified and MIDI-fied instrument plus voice, effects, samples, surround sound and light show combine to make a unique and captivating performance experience.

    A visionary of boundless energy, Pohjonen’s roots go back forty years in all forms of accordion music including folk, dance, classical, rock, experimental, theatre music and more.  His studies in the progressive and innovative Sibelius Academy Folk Music Department were a critical factor in Pohjonen’s transition to the boldly creative and versatile, internationally successful musician/performer he is today.

  9. 9. Grupo Fantasma - Problemas

    Grupo Fantasma‘s fifth studio album Problemasproduced by Steve Berlin is out now. Released on Blue Corn Records, a year in the making, the highly anticipated new album transcends easy classification, blending international flavors from both far and wide. The sound is contemporary and edgy while also drawing on Latin roots music at its core

  10. 10. Sahra Halgan Trio - Faransiskiyo Somaliland

    Granddaughter of traditional singers, Sahra Halgan has been singing since the age of 13 years the repertoire inherited from her ancestors. Her voice accompanied by traditional percussion, electric guitar and drums, offers a harmonious blend of Somaliland sounds with modern orchestration.

    Sahra continues to sing about Somaliland diaspora for support worldwide. In great intensity and always emotionally charged, it shows her unusual career with an astonishing lightness. 
    A great voice of East Africa, her incredible presence on stage at her concerts transmits all her joy and energy to the public.