A radio blog or podcast can be a great way of discovering new music from around the world and there are loads of people creating amazing content in this vein. Have a look below, at some of best ones we've found this month.

  1. 1. Songlines Music Awards (Podcast)

    In this episode of the regular Songlines podcast editor Simon Broughton talks about the winners of the recent Songlines Music Awards. A great way to get a taste of some of the best sounds emanating from our planet at the moment. Massive congratulations, of course, to our wonderful Debashish Bhattacharya who won the best album award in the Asia & South Pacific category.

    Listen here

  2. 2. SOAS Radio - A World in London with DJ Ritu (Blog)

    DJ Ritu brings us another eclectic mix of sounds from the cultural melting pot that is London. Broadcasting from the School of Oriental and African Studies, she plays a track from the upcoming Rough Guide to Brazillian Jazz. It seems we're getting a lot of airplay at the moment!

    Listen here

  3. 3. Folkcast Rewind (Podcast)

    You know you've unearthed some good folk music when the website has a certain look to it. Thankfully this holds true of Folkcast Rewind - a show presented by dedicated folkie, Phil Widdows, who brings us an hour and a quarter of great songs and tunes from new releases like Breabach's recent album, and oldies such as (naturally) Chumbawamba: explaining the story behind their 1994 version of 'The Triumph of General Ludd'. Brilliant subject matter for the socks-&-sandals brigade.

    Listen here

  4. 4. Radio 4EB Global (Blog)

    4EB is a digital radio channel based in Brisbane and aimed at speakers of the diverse languanges found in the multicultural city. An off-shoot of 4EB is 4EB Global which, equally multilingual, introduces music from around the world in Maori, Japanese, Slovenian and a whole host of other languages. Even if you don't speak the language it's tempting to listen to a music show in Fijian just for the hell of it.

    Listen here

  5. 5. Tom Schnabel's Rhythm Planet on KCRW: New and Noteworthy Releases (Blog)

    Another way to be introduced to some great new recordings, Tom Schnabel's ever-reliable Rhythm Planet contains plays from all sorts of artists including the glorious Ethiopian Gabriella Ghermandi (featured on The Rough Guide to the Best World Music You've Never Heard), and a track by Dolly Rathebe from The Rough Guide to South African Jazz.