24 - 27 August 2012


As usual, at Shrewsbury Folk Festival this August there will be something for everyone, artists you recognise and love, and new bands and singers for you to discover. Once again the festival will celebrate the folk tradition, encouraging the contemporary and partying with a brimming line up of high energy bands. 

...so let this be your warning, and remember to book early for next year! 

Here is a taster of what's in store for those lucky 2012 attendees ...

Kate Rusby: Saturday 25 August 2012

kate R

Rusby, the English singer from Yorkshire, is highly regarded on the folk circuit. Her music features her softly strumming guitar and her distinctive fragile-tinged vocal. 

Her past performances at Shrewsbury have been such a success that audiences have been requesting her return time and time again. 

Her slot is scheduled after folk colleague Jim Moray and before Show Of Hands. It will be a dreamy evening full of floating melodies and melting harmonies. A perfect Saturday evening!

Randolph Matthews & Bryon Johnston: Sunday 26 August 2012

 RandolphThis duo are impeccably matched, Randolph's rootsy soul voice off sets Byron's flourishing flamenco guitar with a natural grace. Adventurous in his technique, Randolph explores jazz, folk and neo-African styles via his voice. Don't be surprised to hear percussive humming and chattering alongside a jazz scalic passage alongside a soaring West African-inspired phrase. 

Byron is a guitar virtuoso whose fusion of flamenco and Meditteranean styles has taken him across the globe performing. 

Their meeting of minds is unmissable and the duo should be commended for their wholly original and contemporary world music.  

old man LOld Man Luedecke: Monday 27 August 2012

Old Man Luedecke hails from Toronto but has lived much of his life in Nova Scotia. A favourite back in Canada, Luedecke is well loved for his storytelling approach. He plays the banjo in an old time swinging style, and thumps his foot cheerily along with his beat.

Although a young man, Luedecke has that kind of folk magic that makes him seem a hundred years old. His nuanced stories of quirky encounters and strange happenings add to his own turning and twisting tale. He has received a Juno Award for his efforts and has tramped his folky fare on stages throughout Canada and Australia. Welcome him to the United Kingdom and revel in his down-home style on the last glorious day of Shrewsbury Folk Festival. 

As well as all the great music on the stages the festival fields will be filled with traditional dancing for one and all to get involved in! 

See you at Shrewsbury!

 **cover photo credit: Sabine Hutchinson