The Bulgarian trio, who have released their debut album Introducing Perunika Trio on WMN’s Introducing label, has announced a tour throughout Japan.  

Perunika Trio has recently been signed with Sony Music Japan International to create a truly remarkable project; a compilation of Warabeuta, Japanese traditional songs, sung Perunika Trio style. The mostly-ren’s songs are sung in the aesthetics of Bulgarian polyphony which results in the playful and unusual but very pleasing Bulgarian Warabeuta. The trio has toured in Japan to follow the release of their second album; several times in May they were special guests at Kokusai Forum, Tokyo where they performed for a huge audience as part of the annual Live Image 12 concert.

Introducing - Peruika Trio

Calaita Flamenco Son


Singing beautiful and haunting acoustic harmonies, Perunika Trio’s sound is rooted in the forests and plains of southern Bulgaria. With songs traditional and nostalgic, they invoke an earlier age where singing and vocal harmony were held in the greatest esteem.

'Rustic, without being overly romantic, the album's mood is warm and reassuring.' The Daily Telegraph

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