Faith i Branko are the brilliantly creative couple who delve into the Balkan Romani influences of music that also treads ragtime and classical nuances.  Their album Gypsy Lover is the perfect example of the cross-cultural melting pot they have created in terms of style and genre. Over a listen the album’s message becomes a story which envelopes the listener into the trials and tribulations the couple faced along their journey of love. It shares dashings of poignancy but overall is driven by vibrant upbeat swing with cheeky lyrics.

'a married duo whose fusion style is almost as colourful as their history… Musically, it’s a delight’ 
- The Guardian

Faith i Branko’s live shows are musically and visually electrifying due to the emotion and passion that exudes them whilst performing alongside their instruments of choice. Often including solos which are performed at a delicately frenetic pace. It is a testament to the mastery Faith and Branko have acquired through a lifetime of experiences and practise in their arts.
The momentum has refused to shift for Faith i Branko continually keeping a loaded schedule of writing, live performance and a documentary in the works. Keeping true to the intensity and passion they share in music and in life.

Having recently released Gypsy Lover through Riverboat Records/World Music Network the couple have now added a string of shows across the UK in support of its release.

Tour dates and details below. 

Faith i Branko Tour Dates