World Music Network is now an active member of 1% for the Planet initiative, one of our most recent endeavours to offset the more negative externalities of operations on the environment. Subsequently, we will be donating 1% of our annual turnover to non-profit organisations that are have made it their mission to improve the sustainability of life and the state of the environment. One of the three organisations we have chosen to support is the Marine Conservation Society (MCS).

“We work to secure a future for our living seas, and to save our threatened sea life before it is lost forever.” MCS

Marine Conservation Society logo

The MSC is the UK’s leading charity that seeks to ensure the protection for our seas, shores and wildlife. One of the challenges the MCS seeks to overturn is the steadily diminishing marine biodiversity in our seas and oceans. They have responded by initiating a variety of local conservation projects in the UK and abroad, and have put themselves at the forefront of the campaign for the establishment of Marine Conservation Zones. In addition, the MCS remain dedicated to the reigning in of unsustainable fishing activates in our oceans and have proved instrumental in the global effort to inform consumer choice and industry awareness with informed sustainable seafood advice. As our marine habitats and beaches come under threat from pollution, the MSC have mobilised to reduce our dependence on products and packaging that is particularly damaging, such as single-use plastic bags, as well as getting their hands dirty with beach cleaning initiatives.