We at World Music Network consider it our shared responsibility to counter the impact that our work has on our planet’s environment, a view recently embodied by our engagement in the 1% for the Planet project. Since joining over 1,000 organisations around the world in pledging 1% of our annual turnover, we have continued our commitment to bolster the operations of charities and non-profit organisations dedicated to environmental preservation. The fourth such organisation we have nominated to support is the Widlfowl & Wetlands Trust.

“Wetlands are the primary source of drinking water for people and wildlife. They also connect us with nature, and with ourselves, through beautiful landscapes and inspiring encounters with wildlife.” WWT


Wetlands & Wildfowl Trust Logo


Founded by Olympic sailing medallist Sir Peter Scott, son of Captain Scott of the Antarctic, the Wildfowl Wetlands Trust Slimbridge centre was set up as the first ever research and conservation centre open to the public. WWT recognises wetlands as the epicentres of the natural world –places to which greenery owes its colour, a land of plenty for wildlife to rear their young and a key source of our own drinking water. WWT’s strategy ties in research, consulting, conservation and involvement to protect and encourage these vital spaces and their dependants, recruiting staff, volunteers and members to manage and support nine centres across 3,000 hectares of prime wetland habitat in the UK. In addition, they take the time to educate 50,000 children a year on the importance of our wetlands, including 15,000 children from disadvantaged backgrounds. WWT’s endeavours have taken them as far as Madagascar, Nepal and Eastern Russia, delivering new hope to nature’s most fragile beings.