Dimitris Mistakidis

Introducing Dimitris Mistakidis

This album is a re-issue of Dimitris' excellent first solo album, 16 Rebetika Tragoudhia Paigmena Me Kithara (16 Rebetic Songs Played On Guitar). Rebetika was at its creative zenith from the 1920s to the 1950s. Most of the songs feature on this album, by various composers, date from the 1930s.  Mystakidis, originally from Thessaloniki, is a bit younger than the gravelly authentic rebetic vocals would suggest. This album showcases his supreme mastery of the guitar, and his emotive rough and ready vocals. Rebetika is a gritty form born out of urban subculture, song topics cover everything from crime, drink, drugs, and poverty to love and marriage. With his tangled hair and glowing cigarette, Dimitris looks and sounds every part the rebellious Rebetika singer.

For a few tracks Dimitri is joined by Christos Mastelos who contributes his emotive singing voice. At other times he is joined by skilled contemporaries, Thanasis Papakonstandinou and Himerinoi Kolymvites.

Dimitris’ skill as a guitarist is second to none. His virtuosic talent and original sound will astound any guitarist, and single-handedly revives the oft-forgotten role of the guitar in Greece’s folk music tradition.

Recent years have seen a surge of interest in rebetika, a tribute to its involving emotion, and dramatic twists and turns. Introduce yourself to Dimitris Mistakidis, you won’t regret it.

The Songs

01 Stin Ipoga
02 O Seretis
03 Vouno Me Vouno
04 Mes' Ton Teke Tis Marigos
05 Dertilidiko
06 Erinaki
07 Gkiouzel
08 O Bekris
09 Efoumername Ena Vradi
10 Trouba
11 Kontrabatzides
12 To Koukli Tis Kokkinias
13 To Servikaki
14 Teketzis
15 To Pedi Tou Dromou
16 Partides

All tracks trad, arr Dimitris Mistakidis
All tracks published by Riverboat UK Music (MCPS)