This unique album includes exclusive previously unreleased material alongside some of Invisible System’s finest work to date. Their intoxicating music melds together Ethiopian grooves and melodious melismatic singing with deep dub and dance beats. Producer Dan Harper is the driving force behind the project, connecting and communing with a host of musicians from the UK and Ethiopia.

Their prior releases received all star reviews from The Financial Times, The New York Times, World Music Central, FRoots, Songlines, and more.

Notable guest musicians on Introducing Invisible System include Justin Adams, Mahmoud Ahmed, Samuel Yirga, Tsedenia Gebre Markos, Sintayehu 'Mimi' Zenebe, Ed Wynne from the Ozric Tentacles, Eat Static and Loop Guru. The host of interchanging and collaborating musicians imbues each track with a distinct edge, whilst Dan’s expert production ties the work together as one cohesive corpus.

It was whilst producer Dan Harper was living in Ethiopia that Invisible System came to fruition. The artists met by a series of serendipitous coincidences including an introduction by a hairdresser to the award winning singer, Tsedenia Gebre Markos. Then by chance, Mahmoud Ahmed’s saxophonist got in touch with Dan to enquire about a microphone he was selling, and ended up as a key member of the group. During this time Dan was also working closely with Nick Page (aka Dubulah) on a clutch of excellent, original recordings that went on to seed another Anglo-Ethiopian project, Dub Colossus. Today Invisible System continues to perform as an interchangeable collective across the UK and beyond, and Dan is constantly cooking up new concoctions in the studio.

Listening to Invisible System you get the feeling that anything could happen: the tracks move from traditional Ethiopian music, to post-rock, to jazz-funk and back. Highlights include the pulsating track ‘Closer To The Edge’, complete with constant hand-claps, string accompaniment and upbeat call and response vocals. ‘Oumabetty’ opens with a traditional-sounding Ethiopian group vocal underpinned by ambient reverberating bass. Soon the track is enveloped by an epic psychedelic-free-jazz atmosphere complete with cascading sax lines, delayed vocals and electronic ornamentation. ‘Dark Entries’ is brooding, atmospheric piece with pounding drums and sustained female vocals. Introducing Invisible System is a unique collection that is the perfect introduction to the seriously up and coming Anglo-Ethiopian collective.