Vitor Ramil & Marcos Suzano

Salotep Sambatown is a meeting of minds between two great musicians. Singer, guitarist and composer Vitor Ramil is a revered individual, well known for his novel and playful approach. Marcos Suzano is a Rio-born percussionist famous for his work on the pandeiro, a type of folk frame-drum. Here he plays a battery of percussion skilfully off-setting Ramil’s sleek and smooth voice. 

The album is a futuristic exploration of samba: acoustic instruments are gently complimented by textural electronics. Vitor Ramil is from the southernmost region of Brazil, Rio Grande do Sur. The music he plays relates closely to the folkloric traditions of his homeland, a style which is often overlooked by the popular Brazilian music industry which favours mainstream styles from Rio de Janeiro. Ramil’s riposte to this situation involved his creation and cultivation of the character Baron Satolep, who bears the retrograded name of his home town, Pelotas. Suzano contributes his ‘Sambatown’, bringing samba rhythms and electronic licks into the mix.

The album opens with ‘Livro Aberto’, a quirky slow-paced track that oozes a laid-back elegance. Other highlights include ’12 Segundos De Oscuridad’ featuring the Uruguayan singer Jorge Drexler. ‘A Word Is Dead’ is based on a poem by Emily Dickenson, and is a cool and reflective number. ‘Astronauta Lírico’ is a thoughtful melodious tune, with pulsing electronic accompaniment. ‘Que Hora Não São’ features the haunting vocals of Russian-Brazilian singer Kátia B.