Introducing Bio Ritmo

Bio Ritmo are single-handedly reviving the spirit of experimentation in salsa. Committed not just to paying tribute to, but also to reinventing their beloved salsa dura, their original brand sets them apart from other artists. Introducing Bio Ritmo provides a handpicked overview of the band’s illustrious career so far. Enjoy their first ever single alongside an exclusive and previously un-released track, ‘Señor Locutor’. This is hot and spicy salsa, fresh from the pot. 

The members of Bio Ritmo are all accomplished musicians in their own right, and bring their diverse experience in the realms of reggae, punk, classical and jazz to the table, all mixed up with a hearty dose of salsa. The band were founded in 1991 and have since gained recognition for the unique take on the genre – don’t be surprised to hear them sneaking in an afrobeat coda, or slinking their way around a retro Fania track before cheerily referencing samba then soul. Their individuality has predictably been met with some reservation by salsa stalwarts, who prefer re-hashed performances of classic covers to shimmy and step in time too. But Bio Ritmo offer something more, they are the salsa of a new generation and have inspired a die-hard legion of fans.

Along the way, touring has taken Bio Ritmo across the USA, Europe and to The Republic of Georgia. They have shared the stage with legends including Tito Puente, Poncho Sanchez, Ozomatli, Steel Pulse and more.. Now, with the release of Introducing Bio Ritmo, the band’s own legend looks set to reverberate even further worldwide.

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