Introducing Ruivão

Introducing Ruivão is a great samba album brought to you direct from Brazil, by an artist who has been immersed deep in the scene since the tender age of just 8 years old.

Ruivão’s music is smooth like the best Brazilian lounge, but with a sharp percussive edge reflecting on samba’s constant pulse throughout Brazilian music and culture. Ruivão’s voice is mid-range and flows from silky slow tunes to fast tongue-twisting tempos with ease. Within his music you can also hear the discernable influence of curling Cuban rhythms that bounce along freely.

Samba is the dancing spirit and rhythm of life in Brazil, and Ruivão is one of an important band of contemporary artists connecting their traditions with their experience of modern life.

Ruivão’s prominence in Brazil is well-known and ever growing. In 2009 he was one of a few young artists selected to participate in ‘Samba Train’, Brazil’s televised national Samba day programme.

This exclusive release introduces listeners to the work of a sensational sambista who is hot on the Brazilian scene right now.