Groupe Mazagan

Groupe Mazagan are pioneers on the contemporary Maghreb scene. Their powerful mix of traditional music mixed with urban beats is unique and ever popular at home. Introducing Groupe Mazagan launches the band onto the international scene with a boisterous bang.

Unlike many international Moroccan releases, Introducing Groupe Mazagan isn’t a nostalgic traditional performance moulded for the western market. Instead, this album is drawn straight from the hustling-bustling urban streets of Morocco – this is current music that is speaking to the youth right now.

The music is a hot-pot of influences – listen out for hints of chaabi, gnawa, rai, reggae, funk, zook, salsa and more. Underpinning the whole are rock drums that pulse along creating deep and danceable beats.

Introducing Groupe Mazagan captures the band’s electric stage presence. Over recent years they have gained a reputation for their sensational stage shows and have performed across Africa, Europe and North America.

Groupe Mazagan’s aim is to reflect the Morocco of today – a country full of the tourist-trapping medieval souks, clattering silversmiths and sumptuous Ryads, but also of the daily grind, of shopping malls, cybercafés and silicon dreams. Groupe Mazagan are vigorously energetic, open-minded and fertile – join them on their musical endeavours and discover the real Morocco.