World Lullabies

From Scotland to Tahiti, parents from all over sing lovingly to rock their children into sweet slumber. The hopes and dreams of each culture are conveyed in these songs; each parent gently willing the best fate for their children’s future. This Rough Guide offers beautifully tranquil adventures into restful sounds from across the globe.

Several versions of traditional lullabies feature on the album. Cuban songstress and Buena Vista Social Club star, Omara Portuondo opens the album with the classic Afro-Cuban lullaby, ‘Drume Negrita’. Whilst the Corsican singer, Anghjula Potentini can be heard performing the famous traditional lullaby ‘Ciucciarella’. Another European contribution comes from Talitha MacKenzie, the New York born singer who offers up her version of the traditional Scottish Highland tune, ‘Théid Mi Dhachaigh’. Also on this album, the Malagasy band Vakoka present their take on the traditional lullaby ‘Vorombazaha’.

Other tracks on the album feature interesting contributions from some notable creative duos. On ‘Naweye Toro’ Ali Farka Touré, the legendary king of the desert blues meets kora maestro-supreme Toumani Diabaté. The perfectly matched duo from Mali offer up a sensitive balance of unadorned simplicity and deeply complex layers of interaction.  ‘Tiare No Tahiti’ is sung by the Tahitian duo, Kalei Napalapali and Terii Tumahai. Both musicians began their careers working at Disney World’s Polynesian Resort in Orlando, Florida in the early 1970s. Now established as musicians in their own rights, they are both key players in the Polynesian and American music industry.

Some modern re-workings and inventions are contributed by artists including the Zimbabwean ‘Chimurenga Soul’ artist, Netsayi. The group Axial contribute their modern mix of Brazilian music with African and Haitian flavours, all thrown together with a thick dollop of relaxed electronica aligned ambience.

The bonus CD features music from Zimbabwean a capella and dance group, The Black Umfolosi 5. The rich and dulcet harmonies of their vocal music provide a gentle and comforting listening experience.