This exciting Rough Guide takes a fresh look at the Moroccan scene and highlights a whole new generation of hip hop and rock bands, as well as considering the dynamic country’s distinctive traditional folk music.

Many of the Moroccan musicians, MCs and DJs featured here came of age in the early 2000’s and inspiration from the urban youth styles of the West, especially hip hop and metal. H-Kayne’s song ‘Jil Jdid’ means ‘New Generation’ and fuses hip-hop and street style to bring home a humorous yet portentous message about the delights and dangers of internet addiction among Morocco’s youth.  The opening track on the album, ‘Sah Raoui’ a pounding and pumping track by Fnaïre, a group who aptly call their fusion music rap traditionnel. Another modern urban sounds is heard from London based U-Cef. The excellent track ‘Boolandrix’ is the result of an imagined collaboration between Jimi Hendrix and the contemporary gnawa master or maalem, Said Damir. US MC Johnny Biz, aka Bizmatik, adds his contemporary urban flow to the mix.

Meanwhile the old Morocco is represented here by the efforts of artists such as Samy Elmaghribi, whose meditative track ‘Mal Hbibi Malou’ showcases his classically inspired voice accompanied by a haunting violin and percussion. The Master Musicians of Joujouka can be heard intoning their looping, entrancing traditional flute and drum music on the closing track of this Rough Guide.

Enjoy this dynamic Rough Guide and listen to the sounds Morocco, a relevant, forward-looking and undeniably musically blessed country.