Caribbean Café

The music of the Caribbean has truly transformed the world’s culture. Rhythms including Jamaican reggae, dancehall and ska, Cuban son, mambo and salsa, Trinidadian calypso, Martinican zouk, a host of sounds from Haiti, and countless other styles, have revolutionized music in virtually every corner of the globe. It is the remarkable music of three races: indigenous, African and European and it reflects stories of colonization, slavery, revolutions, dictatorships and perseverance against insurmountable odds. Soak up the history, beauty and insatiable grooves of the Caribbean with this Rough Guide.     

The album opens with a bouncing track by Ska Cubano and their brilliant fusion of ska, Cuban son, cumbia and calypso. Another Afro-Cuban performance comes from Septeto Nacional de Ignacio Piñeiro. Boukman Eksperyans bring thier trademark Haitian carnival-voudou-pop beats. Yuchi Cordoba is from Curaçao and brings the percussive up-beat flavour of the ABC Islands into the mix. Aurelio is an artist from the Garifuna community in Honduras, and has enjoyed international sucess. Listening to his smooth soulful style as on the track ‘Lubara Wanwa’ it is easy to see why. ‘Little Nassau - Bahama Mama’ is a vintage calypso number from Bahamian performer Andres Touissant, and ‘Leave Us Alone’ is a modern reggae pop anthem from the Jamaican artist Gyptian. 

This collection bounces from country to country, showcasing the wonderful diversity of the region whilst synthesizing it into one highly danceable whole! Let yourself be transported to the shores of the Caribbean and explore the regions rich musical history in depth.