The Rough Guide To Native America

This Rough Guide celebrates the best of the Native American scene from treasured pow-wows and ancient flute styles to contemporary fusions of reggae, rock, rap and more. The music by nature is powerful and charged – the songs vibrate with topical energy even as they resonate from the bedrock of generations past.

The track list includes star players like R. Carlos Nakai, Blackfire and Clan/Destine alongside those artists who are making inroads into the contemporary scene right now. Estun-Bah are a young trio of musicians from southern Arizona and their music features the Apache cane flute, an instrument traditionally associated with courtship. C-Weed’s tune, ‘Run As One’ opens with an anthemic tune that fast dissolves into traditional drumming with an epic rock interlude. Other fusion artists include the ever up-beat Casper Loma Da Wa whose reinterpreted reggae is full of positivity and progress.

This Rough Guide is unique in that it showcases the whole Native American scene, from traditional vibes to experimental explorations. It carefully considers the music that rise steadily out of Native American communities as members continue to reaffirm their culture via the potent musical traditions they have inherited.

The bonus album is contributed by none other than Pura Fé, founding member of the renowned ensemble Ulali and recipient of a prestigious ‘Nammy’ (Native American Music Award). Fé’s music blends together heady blues and Native American vocal music into one marvellously moody mix.